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Spreadsheet Modding

This patch adds the possibility of 'new' starlanes being created. 'New' is in quotations because they aren't properly new at all. During galaxy creation, a pool of starlanes for each system is created. From this pool, some are chosen to be starlanes, and some are not. But even the ones that are not are stored. This patch selects one of these unchosen lanes, and turns it into a normal starlane.

When patching, a window will appear asking you to determine the chance of a new starlane appearing. This is a straight percentage, between 1-100 (ie, setting it to 100 will ensure that a new starlane is chosen every turn). The recommended value of '5' means that, roughly speaking, you should have a new starlane appear once every twenty turns on average.

To have the starlane event properly appear in the Sitrep, the following changes need to be made to the specific textfiles:
Sitrep.txt - table ReportType (ensure that spaces are converted to tabs):
NewStarlane New Event Reg ICO_SitRep_ExplorationComplete STARLN01 STARLN01 STARLN01

wsSitrep.txt - end of file:
\*STARLN01 Astronomers have located a previously undiscovered Starlane connecting the %Value1% and %Value2% systems.

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