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The Race Selection patch has three different functional modes. First, it allows for full randomization of races within the galaxy. The default race selection process often ended up with duplicates of races, even with a relatively small selection group. When using the full randomization mode, there will be no duplication of races until every race has been used at least once.

The second mode allows for specific race selection via a text file called RaceConfig.ini. The file format is simple - each line contains either a race string, or an alias. The same RaceAlias.ini that the RacialTech patch uses can also be used here. That means that you can either use RACEx00y, where x is the species, and y is the race, or you can use an alias from the file. For more specific details of the RaceAlias.ini file, see the RacialTech patch.

A sample RaceConfig.ini file is included with the patch. You can use this file by removing the .sample extension, and moving the file into your main MoO3 directory. As the previous paragraph mentioned, the format for this file is simply one entry per line. The order the file is in is the order the races will be selected for the game.

The final mode is a hybrid of the previous two modes. You can use the configuration file to select some of the races specifically, and then leave the randomization routine to select the rest. An example:

You wish to always have 5 Ithkul in your game, but you don't wish to select any other race. You play with 16 AI empires. You would create a RaceConfig.ini file that would look like:


What this would do is ensure that the first 5 races added in the game are Ithkuls. But because the file stops there, the final 11 races will be determined randomly. Because there are already Ithkul in the game, no Ithkul would be picked randomly. The rest of the races would be unduplicated, thanks to the randomization factor.

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