MoO3 Patcher
Spreadsheet Modding

This patch increases the number of Galaxy Configurations available from seven to whatever number you choose. There are a few caveats that go with this.

First, the number chosen is the number of entries that is displayed, even if that many configurations don't actually exist. For example, if you set it to display 8 entries, but you only have the default GalaxyConfigurations.txt spreadsheet (which contains 7 entries), an eighth option will show up in the dropbox. You will be allowed to select that entry, and start the game. However, the game will end up stuck at the Creating Galaxy stage. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the number you choose is the number of configurations you have available.

The text that is displayed in the dropbox is read from the wsStartUpScreens.txt file (which is contained in the wStrings.mob file). The text needs to follow the '\!NGSIZ' tag. Each text entry should follow the same format that already exists in the file.

Finally, the data for the galaxy configuration needs to go in the GalaxyConfigurations.txt spreadsheet, as mentioned above. A full description of how to modify that file is outside the scope of this discussion, but the file provides some basic details on what each column does. More important, however, are two columns, the 'Key' column, and the 'String_Tag' column. The value is each respective column must be unique. Furthermore, the value in the String_Tag column needs to be sequentially increasing. That means that if you start with NGDD01bA, the next tag must be NGDD01bB, and so on. Should you reach the end of the alphabet, it continues using the ascii table. Note, there are two tables in the file, one labeled GalaxyConfigurationTestKeys, and one labeled GalaxyConfigurations. The first table is unused, the second one is the one that needs to be modified to work.

Included with the release is a sample GalaxyConfigurations.txt, as well as a wsStarUptScreens.txt. This is a collection of galaxy configurations assembled by rhyssana, and originally distributed as 4 separate galaxy configuration files. The 4 files have been merged into a single collection (the sample), and are ready to be used. There are 28 galaxy configurations, so that number should be used with the patch (and that is the default).

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