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The base relations in the game are set based on the species of the interacting empires. This patch allows the relations to be set by race, instead of species. It uses the same SpeciesBaseRel table (now inaccurately named) in BaseRelations.txt. Where the current columns/rows refer to species names, they now can be changed to race names (note, the actual name of the column/row is irrelevant to the game). The order is first by species, then by race (meaning, for example, the the first species, Humanoid, is first, so it starts off 'Human, Evon, Psilon', then hits the Etherian with 'Imsaeis, Eoladi', then hits Geodic, 'Silicoid', etc). The table is setup to handle 20 entries, but because the magnate civilizations seldom, if ever, form empires, the columns/rows for them are essentially wasted. As there are 16 primary races plus the New Orions (or Elder Civilization), changing to a race based table leaves 3 unused columns/rows. These will come after the 16 primary races, but before the Elder Civilization.

This mod is primarily designed for other modder's use - installing it without an accompanying change to the SpeciesBaseRel table is not recommended.

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