MoO3 Patcher
Spreadsheet Modding

The sitrep that gets displayed at the beginning of each turn includes links that take you to the appropriate screen, depending on what the sitrep is referring to. For example, a sitrep report about a revolt taking place will link to the planet in question.

Unfortunately, a bug exists where clicking on a sitrep to a ground combat link will not function properly. It will either crash the game completely, or take one to a blank screen. There is no way to return to the game from that blank screen, requiring one to reload the game to continue.

This patch fixes the link for a ground combat sitrep so that it takes one to the proper planet. There is, however, another facet to the bug - ground combat sitreps are not stored in the savegame. That bug is not fixed by this patch (that bug has been deemed to be minor enough to not require fixing).

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