MoO3 Patcher
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The default Fighter AI causes it to ignore all other Fighters and Missiles unless they are the only forces remaining. This patch adjusts the targeting AI so that Missiles and Fighters will have the same target priority as all other enemy ships. The Fighter AI normally selects the closest enemy target to attack. Since Missiles and Fighter waves travel faster than most TFs, this patch permits Fighters to act in the role of Interceptors.

This patch only affects Fighters when under AI control. If the player issues orders to the Fighters (for example, by ordering a Carrier TF to attack a specific enemy, the Fighters will ignore all distractions enroute. If the player issues no orders to the Fighters, however, they will automatically launch in a defensive role if Missiles/Fighters are converging. Therefore, this patch can have a dramatic affect on the way combat takes place.

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